CMH Million Vertical Foot Jacket: Shane

Concept: At CMH, when you reach 1 million vertical feet of skiing, you are awarded A million foot suit. It is a two piece suit made by Arcteryx, and you are celebrated with champagne, a pin, and certificate commemorating the achievement. I got to join Shane and his friends for the celebration the day he got his Million Foot jacket with CMH Revelstoke. The only thing that was not perfect was that Shane does not identify as an ‘Alpha AR Guide’ kind of guy… Shane has style. So, we personalized it. I used a medium mixed with Acrylic paint that when heat activated turns into a vinyl. I chose Whiskey Jacks (Grey Jay) because it is Canada's national bird, and Shane does all his ’bird’ time up here. The pattern ribbing is inspired by Wintergreen Northern Wear, of Minnesota.

Title: CMH Million vertical foot jacket: Shane Sonneveldt

Date: May 2019

Medium: Goretex, Acrylic paint, Golden GAC900 (heat set fabric painting medium)

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