Gnorm the Gnome: Revelstoke Mountain Resort

The OG Gnorm concept originally started by my husband Troy Leahey, the founding Avalanche forecaster of Revelstoke Mountain Resort. He wanted something in his new weather plot webcam so the public could gauge the snow depth. My sister, Lindsay Craig, found him at a foreclosed house she was helping a friend clean to sell. She gave him to Troy and I and I re-painted to look more like a ski patroller. He long reigned as the ruler of the weather plot until one day he was stolen from his post, leaving only his little booties behind. After a short “vacation”, but much despair, he was finally returned to us. He is currently living out his retirement years in the ski patrol hut. Gnorm 2.0, and 3.0 have come and gone, and now little Gnorms can be bought all over town. If we only knew about royalties back then... It is still my favourite piece of public art.

Gnorm the Powder Gnome: Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Date: 2008 - Present

Live Winter Webcam:



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