Motherload Film Title Page

Concept: Artwork for the Title Page for Motherload Film

Featuring the Lynch sisters and Tessa Treadway, Motherload first appears as a comic story about trying to take their kids skiing but it connects on a deeper level with the themes of single parenting and loss.


It is often said that the hardest part of any adventure is getting out the door. Planning and packing are tedious and time consuming. But the moment you cross over the threshold from the distractions of the real world to the freedom of the hills, everything seems to just fall into place.

Said no mother ever.

Follow professional skiers and mothers Tessa Treadway and Izzy Lynch as they carry the load of loss, life changing events,  and the love of their children into the mountains where they find the moments of peace, growth and healing that help them carry on.

Director: Zoya Lynch
Origin: Canada
Duration: 14min
VIMFF: Peoples Choice Award 2020



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