Mica Heliskiing: Topsheet Residency 2017

Concept: The concept behind the residency is to provide an artist with an experience that would inspire a unique piece of art. The art is hung in the lodge, and also becomes a custom top sheet for a pair of handcrafted Foon Skis. The artwork is to commemorate their guests reaching their 10th anniversary with the lodge, and the skis are the ultimate longevity gift.


Bruce is fun! This topsheet is inspired by his personal experiences, and favourite art installations in one of his favorite places, Burning man. I tried to include as many cheeky details as I could but …what happens on the Playa, stays on the Playa!

Mica Heliskiing:  Topsheet Residency, 2017
Manufacturer: FOON SKIS, Pemberton, BC
Name: Playa Perspective

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