SGN SKIS - Sogndal, Norway

Approaching the rugged Canadian coastline, Norse explorers complete the first crossing, winning the battle with Leviathan the sea monster of the Atlantic. Using only the sun and stars as a guide, they sailed into the abyss with no other purpose than the inherent ambition of true explorers.

Leif Erikson arrived in Canada almost 200 years before Christopher Columbus, connecting Canada and Scandinavia for the first time, by completing a northern passage from Iceland, to Greenland, and touching down on the most northern tip of Newfoundland. The long ships range in size, holding anywhere from 10 men, to 100 men and cattle. The ships were adorned with intricate carvings and dramatic prows, mostly of dragons. This was to ward off enemies and the sea monsters of Norse mythology, Leviathan.

Leviathan is the sea monster of the Atlantic, Skagen fisherman believed that Leviathan lurked in the depths ready to consume men’s souls and drag them to hell. It is referenced in many contexts but is commonly depicted as a dragon. The crow’s nest was built at the top of the mast. Crows would depart daily while at sea and when the crows failed to return, it meant land was near. Latitude sailing is where the sun and stars are used to assume your location. Within my Compass is the old rune alphabet, Futhark, translation for SGN.

Manufacturer: SGN Skis, Sogndal, Norway

Date: 2017

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