The Gnome Homes

Gnomeville, population infinity. A collaboration between Callum McLeary of Birch Lodge Woodworks and Jess Leahey. A small surreal village emerges with a Gnomehotel, a hostel, a vacation rental, a nightclub and there are several gnome homes you can glimpse inside.These glimpses into a parallel universe suggests there is a network of life happening inside our forests, more than we can see with the naked eye.


The PhenGNOMEnal Hotel:

Inside is a homage to MC Escher ‘Impossible Stairs’, an upside down, confusing glimpse into the gnome-iverse, their impossible network inside the trees. The largest of the containers, this has two doors to peak inside, one high and one low to be visible in both winter and summer.

The Gnomad Bunkhouse

The more affordable, sure bet for a bunk in the gnome-iverse. Not as high end as the hotel, but these gnomes don’t mind. They just need bed to crash in after a long day at the slopes and a long après at the gnightclub. This has one peek hole to peer inside the mirrored container to infinite bunk beds and gnomes in different states of disarray inside.

Gnar Bar Gnighclub

Barbie is in town DJing the ultimate après rave for all the forest creatures. Inside is 3 mirrors and a One-way mirror to create the illusion of and endless dance floor and allow the star, DJ Barbie, the ultimate DJ booth. Major vibes are brough with the disco lights inside, you could really lose yourself on this dancefloor.

Barb’s Vacation Rental

DJ Barbie brought her friends to stay at Barb’s Vacation Rental. Peek inside to see these ski bum ladies sprawled out in their vacation rental. In classic ski bum fashion, there are too many staying in this room and its pretty messy, but they don’t mind, they are besties.

Gnome Homes

Take a peek into the local’s homes. Red, yellow, and green birdhouses surround the infinity grove, this is where the locals live. In gnomeville village there are 3 of these tiny homes you can peer inside to see how the gnomes live. There are little beds, painting easels, desks and lots of books.

Ski Boot Bird Houses

These are a continuation of the gnome’s homes, just the ones with fancy gnome architecture. 4 ski books have been recycled into birdhouses. They all have funky roof lines, bird doors, and the red, yellow and green colour scheme.


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