The Infinity Grove

The infinity grove is a multi-artist, multi-disciplinary, collection of art installations installed along a public trail at the base of Revelstoke Mountain Resort. The trail is free to access and acts as a wonderful waiting area, picnic zone, and an immersive natural experience in the middle of a bustling ski resort. The genre of infinity is a theme throughout the trail, and the viewers' perspective is constantly challenged and confused, much like Alice in Wonderland.


Hanging in the trees are 3 large metal butterflies welded by artist Emily Lougheed, delicately welded in a tapestry of pattern, they mark the entrance to the trail, and bring awareness to Jess Leaheys ‘Cocoonbelow, now permanently installed in this location. It will accompany the new installations. Luring participants to more curiosities of the infinity grove are sprouted red mushrooms growing from the trees, they line the trail to act as a breadcrumbs to the user guiding them along to each art installation.

As the trail continues you enter Gnomeville, population infinity. A collaboration between Callum McLeary of Birch Lodge Woodworks and Jess Leahey. A small surreal village emerges with a Gnomehotel, a hostel, a vacation rental, a nightclub and there are several gnome homes you can glimpse inside.These glimpses into a parallel universe suggests there is a network of life happening inside our forests, more than we can see with the naked eye.



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