The Cocoon

This oversized cedar cocoon encases an infinity experience where you can peer inside the ultimate butterfly hibernation station. Juxtaposing the frigid winter weather the viewer is experiencing on the outside, the interior is a lush and green like a butterfly’s preferred habitat, a warm tropical environment with creatures moving softly around the mirrored interior. The walls are lined with mirrors and the reflections create an idea of an endless space. This plays with the viewers perspective, creating a magical and fun fractal illusion of an alternate dimension.

This installation's structure is framed by wood and wrapped in cedar shakes to resemble a Cocoon. It has plexi-glass windows to peer inside to mirror lined green space. This installation is meant to be hung from a tree to further resemble a cocoon but has been displayed grounded as well. It appeared at Luna Arts Fest 2022, spent the winter of 22/23 in Revelstoke Mountain Resorts Mair Plaza, and now hangs permanently in the Infinity Grove Collection by R.O.A.M. (Revelstoke Outdoor Art Movement) at the base of Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

Carpenter: Spencer McQuatt

- Luna Arts Festival 2022
- Winter 2022/2023, Mair Plaza, Revelstoke Mountain Resort
- Winter 2023/2024 – current. The infinity Grove, Revelstoke Mountain Resort.



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