A familiar brick wall is transformed into a ski slope, with dancing shadows and playful skiers in this intriguing three dimensional work. This piece of living art changes with time, weather and the movement of the sun, like a sundial. It reimagines and celebrates an often underappreciated era of Revelstoke architecture, and playfully highlights one of our community’s favourite pastimes, skiing.

What is Art Alleries? Revelstoke’s public art initiative, launched in 2019, aims to transform our downtown alleyways into outdoor art galleries. Alleyways are frequently overlooked, avoided and not often associated with with art or tourism. As a legacy project by the organizers of LUNA Festival, Art Alleries revitalize dark and disused places into thriving public spaces for locals and visitors to walk through and enjoy. 

Revelstoke Art Alleries Installation, Luna Art Fest
Location: CIBC Revelstoke, BC
Date: September 2021 - 2031+
Size: 10'H x 5'W x 6"D, x3
Medium: Steel
Welders: Jamie Tilson & Kyle Reynolds



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