The Infinity Forest



Inspired by the infinity rooms of Yayoi Kusama, Leahey takes her unique, monochromatic illustration style into the third dimension by creating an ethereal birch forest in a secret downtown courtyard. The tight alleyway appeared border less with the mirror lined walls, creating a magical nocturnal forest, in an abandoned urban space.

A hallway like structure was built, with a roof 20' above, and wrapped in the landscaping cloth. The flooring was a long shag AstroTurf, and trees made on Sono tubes, and embellished with paper mache to create bark texture. Majority of the mirrors were crowd sourced from the citizens of Revelstoke, and much of the building materials donated/borrowed from Tree Construction. Many people contributed to making this installation, and many thanks to those people.

Name: The Infinity Forest

Location: Revelstoke, BC. Luna Art Fest. An exterior breezeway between the Selkirk Medical Offices, and Mica Heliskiing.

Date: September 27- September 29, 2018.

Size: 40’L x 8’W x 20’H

Jess Leahey – Design, Concept, Interior Artist
Rob Buchanan – Design, Logistics
Greg Hoffart – Design, Building logistics
Tree Construction – Builders.
Lighting – Celina Caputi



dditional Photos:

Original pitch and concept sketch:

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