The Snow Globe


The bandstand is easily one of the town of Revelstoke’s most recognizable features and its spherical shape made it to be the perfect location for this project. Where the umbrella ends, the sides were surrounded in panes of Plexiglass, giving the illusion of a snow globes glass ball. Viewers were able to enter the scene from behind the installation, through purposefully staggered interior features, and once inside, it was snowing! Snow machines from a Vancouver movie production company were used, and artificial snow made from snow fluid, which is essentially soap, raged a blizzard. The staged set was a Heli ski scene, considered for the optimal photo potential from outside the globe.  You could summit the mountain and pose with your skis, or get inside the helicopter and put on your ear protection… but mostly, viewers just put on all the costume clothing items provided and jumped around, frolicking in the September snow.

Name: The Snow Globe

Location: Revelstoke City Bandstand, Luna Art Fest, Revelstoke, BC.

Date: September 23, 2017

Size:  25’ Diameter x 25' H

Jess Leahey – Design, Interior artwork
Rob Buchanan – Design, Interior builder, Logistics
Greg Hoffart – Design, Exterior builder



riginal concept pitch

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